Notcoin (NOT) Price Surges 74% in One Week, But Investors Are Eyeing This New Memecoin

Notcoin (NOT) Price Surges 74% in One Week, But Investors Are Eyeing This New Memecoin
Notcoin (NOT)

Notcoin (NOT), the hottest crypto in the market right now has seen significant gains of over 70% in the past 7 days. Initially, NOT price witnessed great selling pressure after launch, with airdrop participants cashing out their tokens. However, one week later, Notcoin is receiving renewed interest among investors. 

The price of Notcoin today is $0.009614, which signifies a 41.4% increase in the past 24 hours and a 74.4% increase in the past 7 days.

NOT Price Analysis: Notcoin Price Looking to Bounce off $0.0087 Support For Additional 26% Gains

NOTUSDT Chart | TradingView

Notcoin price performance has been exceptional with price action sustaining above the 50-day and 200-day simple moving averages (SMA). 

After the initial pump, NOT price consolidated for a few hours between $0.0075 and $0.0087 before finally breaking out in a 12% move.

After an aggressive pop upward, the price of NOT has encountered local resistance around the $0.0098 level. Bears have taken advantage of this natural resistance and are driving down the price toward the 50% Fibonacci retracement level. This coincides with the $0.0087 price target.

Bulls may harness the opportunity to buy lower and push up the price to the 27% fib extension level for a nice 26% profit. Eventually, the NOT price may touch $0.011.

What Caused Notcoin Price to Rally?

NOT price took a turn for the better after the project team launched ‘Earning Missions’, a way to earn crypto passively on Telegram.

Consequently, NOT’s open interest on exchanges jumped from $40 million to $100 million, indicating extreme bullish sentiment from the markets.  The Notcoin marketcap has swelled to over $1 billion in the recent price rally with its 24-hour trading volume topping out at $1.3 billion.

As Notcoin continues to make waves in the crypto space, early NOT investors are channeling their profits into this new low-cap gem.

Risecoin Offers Chad Tokenomics, Die Hard Community, And a 1000X Potential

Risecoin (RISE)

Risecoin (RISE) markets itself under the narrative of a community-led cultcoin that “worships the almighty sun”. RISE launched less than two months ago and has already accomplished a lot, including several token burns and reward programs.

Risecoin was launched on the Base Layer 2 (L2) Network, where the extremely low fees and fast transactions encourage the growth of projects. RISE was initially launched with a total supply of 4.6 billion tokens, which are divided into Auction Supply (33%), Ecosystem Supply (33%) and Initial Liquidity (33%).

However, the weekly Inferno Auctions have seen that number reduced to 4.2 billion. In less than 2 months, over 8% of supply has been burned, making the project hyper-deflationary.

What are Inferno Auctions?

Inferno Auctions are weekly RISE distribution events that have been structured in a way that allows investors to buy RISE tokens at a discount. This is the gist, but you can get the nitty-gritty of it here.

The inferno auction mechanism eventually results in the burning of RISE tokens and consequently the increase in the value of the RISE token. The Inferno Auctions will continue weekly for 124 weeks from March 24, 2024.

Is It Safe to Invest In Risecoin?

The Risecoin developer is anonymous and only goes by the name “Prophet of Rise” on Telegram. Nevertheless, don’t let this scare you into missing a 1000X opportunity. 

The developer has designed the project to be extremely secure from rug pulls. The liquidity pool (LP) tokens have been locked for 360 years and the Risecoin contract ownership has been renounced.

The developer has instituted Fast and Slow Wallets to help sustain the transparency of the project. The Slow Wallet is used to fund the Fast Wallet, and it holds the majority of the Ecosystem Supply.

The Slow wallet has a one-week delay for all transactions and all transitions are visible on-chain. This gives investors a 1-week headstart to exit the project if they see anything fishy.

Rise Rewards Programs and Regular Airdrops

Since the beginning, Risecoin has been running Rewards programs aimed at spreading the word about the project. Participants get rewarded with RISE tokens straight from the Ecosystem Supply. The RISE rewards program is designed to reach big crypto influencers and trigger a reverse cascade effect.

Chapters 1 and 2 of the RISE rewards program have ended and Chapter 3 is launching on May 29, 2024.  This is your chance to earn rewards by doing simple tasks that contribute to the overall growth of the project.

Risecoin also regularly airdrops new and existing investors, and hence, becoming a holder of the RISE token can be extremely rewarding.

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