Most Frequently Asked Questions About Worldcoin and Their Answers

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Worldcoin and Their Answers

By now, you’ve most likely seen or heard about Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency project paying people to scan their eyes to create a global database of humans worldwide. The project launched on July 24, 2023, with more than 2.1 million signups. 

New people continue signing up in about 34 countries, except for Kenya, where the Ministry of Interior and National Administration has halted the process.

Do you want to sign up or even want to interact more freely with the app or project activities? Well then, we’ve got you covered. Here are the most frequently asked questions about Worldcoin and their answers.

What is Worldcoin?

Worldcoin is a global financial system and identity system that is accessible to everyone in the world. It is built on a blockchain that makes its control decentralized. You can also view it as a cryptocurrency and digital identification system. It has a crypto token and takes people’s biometric data with the Orb device.

What is Worldcoin’s Goal?

According to Worldcoin, they aim to:

  • Create an identification system that can differentiate humans from AI.
  • Create a global financial network accessible to everyone on Earth.

The company believes biometric verification is the best way to tell humans from AI. The identification system is called World ID. It ensures that only humans can sign up because it requires an iris scan, a unique biometric feature.

1. How Do I Sign up for Worldcoin?

To sign up for Worldcoin, you need either the World App for iOS or Android. The app helps you create a Worldcoin account to access the Worldcoin wallet, which can store the WLD tokens, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other supported cryptocurrencies.

You can use the app without scanning your iris. However, to get Worldcoin tokens, you must verify yourself for a World ID. This means scanning your eyes with the Orb and verifying your “unique personhood.”

2. How Much do I get After Scanning My Iris?

After signing up, you get 25 WLD tokens worth around $55. However, Worldcoin claims to award those with World IDs weekly with 1 WLD.

You can exchange the WLD tokens to pay for goods and services directly or exchange them for fiat currency.

3. How Do I Withdraw My Tokens from the App?

To withdraw your tokens from the app, you must have a registered exchange such as Binance or even Bybit, where WLD is listed for trading. In the exchange, choose a deposit of crypto assets and input WLD on the optimism network as it is cheaper.

Copy your address. Return to the World App, select “Send” on the Worldcoin option, and paste your address. Enter the amount of WLD tokens you wish to withdraw.

When withdrawn, you can exchange it to other cryptocurrencies or convert it to fiat currency.

4. Why am I not Receiving My WLD Grant After Claiming?

If you do not see your grant in your wallet, try closing and reopening the World App. It usually takes a few minutes for the grants to appear.

The team may also be working on fixing a temporary issue and have paused grant claims. But do not worry. You will still receive your grant once the maintenance is done.

Remember that you can only receive WLD grants once an orb has connected and verified your account.

5. Every Time I Try to Withdraw, the App Prompts the Message “Available Soon”

No need to fret, as you have done everything right thus far. When the app notifies you that a Worldcoin purchase will be available soon, you have an outdated version of the app. For Android users, head to your Google Play Store and update it to version For iOS users, head to your App Store and update the app to version 2.2.5.

After updating, you may be able to withdraw without any issues.

6. I am getting the “Not Available” Prompt When I Try to Recover My Account

You may be getting the message, “This feature is not available. If you think this is a mistake, don’t hesitate to contact support.” The company cites that the app and its protocol are still under heavy demand. As a result, this results in many issues, including grant claims/issuance, migrations, and other functionalities within the app.

In-app support responses may also be affected due to these issues.

Additionally, from their Discord, the team is keen to state that their Google Drive recovery backup is not working. To recover your account, you must visit the nearest Orb and ask for it.

7. Where do I Find an Orb?

On your app, on the top-right side, click the settings button, where you will see the “Find an Orb” button. Select the button and choose your country. If there is an orb in your country, the app will show you where to find one. If there is none, the app will ask you to pre-reserve.

8. Will the Orb Hurt My Eyes?

The orb is entirely safe and will not harm your eyes. According to Worldcoin, the orb complies with the specifications outlined in the international standard, which includes eye safety (IEC-62741).

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